2K Inline Mixing Valve

The 2K Inline Mixing Valve works with the Master-Mix unit to separate the resin and hardener before the static mixer. This valve also has the flush block fitted for the flushing of the static mixer and applicator head. The static mixer is fitted to the nozzle of the 2K valve and supplies the mixed adhesive to the On/Off valve. The ratio is checked at the 2K valve with the ratio check nozzle. This allows for easy checking before and during production.

Static Mixer The static mixer mixes the adhesives as it passes through the elements by dividing the adhesive flow in two with every element. For example, a 24-element mixer will mix the adhesive @ 2 to the power of 24 or over 16 million times in 300mm.

For further information, please fax or email by returning details of the current glue system, controller type and relevant information on the processing machinery.




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