Wiwa 400

Airless Automatic Roadmarking Spray gun


Robust automatic spray gun which disengages by way of a return spring. For faster and more accurate operation, the gun can be equipped with an optional pneumatic assist.

Perfect alternative for roadmarking.


  • Robust, reliable design
  • Service freindly
  • Key slot for improved mounting adjustment
  • High durability due to tungsten carbide balls and valve seats
  • Short needle travel provides faster closing
  • Separate paint and pressure sections to prevent clogging and jamming of the spring
  • Large fluid passages for processing high viscosity and coarse materials


Max. nominal pressure

200, 225, 400 bar

Max. allowable material temperature 80 °C
Material inlet 1/4″ NPS / 3/8″ NPS / M16 x 1.5
Weight including tip guard 0.42 kg