UltraMax II 650 PC Pro – Electric Airless Sprayer


Graco Electric Airless Sprayer


The UltraMax II 650 PC Pro sprayer is the lightest weight 2-gun electric airless sprayer. It is a true workhorse – delivering the perfect combination of quality, performance, portability and durability.
Graco’s Large Sprayer Performance with Mid-Size Portability to complete jobs faster. Increased capability to handle heavier coatings and a lower cost of ownership.

Part number: 19Y424


The UltraMax II 650 PC has a Chromex pump that lasts up to twice as long as competing pumps. Also the pump can swap out in minutes with no tools. this allows a quick changeover reducing downtime.
Featuring Graco’s Max Power Motor. A Brushless design with a longer lasting drive and a life time warranty!
The 650 PC comes with a 15m Blumax hose and the sleek Contractor PC gun. The Contractor PC is the lightest weight gun in its class and is designed for all day comfort. Also, the new trigger design requires up to 50% less pull force leading to less fatigue.
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  • Endurance Piston Pump
    • Lasts 2X longer than competing pumps
    • Larger intake to handle heavier coatings
    • ProConnect: pump swaps in minutes with no tools


  • 2-Hose Connection Manifold
    • 2-Gun capability – supports up to .019” tips
    • Easy Out filter provides easy maintenance and less clogging


  • Small Compact Frame
    • Balanced design for easy transport and manoeuvring
    • Chrome over steel construction withstands job site abuse


  • MaxPower Motor & Advantage Drive
    • High-torque brushless design with a Lifetime Warranty
    • The longest lasting drive with a Lifetime Warranty


  • SmartControl with Digital Display
    • Even pressure delivery on every job
    • Constantly monitors performance and adjusts motor speed to match your tip size and spraying needs
    • FastFlushTM delivers 4X faster cleaning with ½ the water


  • Contractor PC Spray Gun
    • All-Day comfort and control
    • Lightest weight gun in its class
    • Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force


  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
    • Endurance pump lasts 2X longer than competing pumps
      • Chromex piston rod with longer stroke
      • Chrome-plated stainless steel sleeve
      • V-Max Blue Packings
    • Eliminate downtime with ProConnect – fast and easy on-the-job repair
    • MaxPower Motor and Advantage Drive offer maintenance-free performance and Lifetime Warranty