Diesel Heater – UH70R


The heater designed for New Zealand conditions. Superior cold start performance through an improved fuel system. Exceptional design through ongoing refinement of the infra-red burner generates a cleaner performance and efficient heat output.


UltraHeat UH70R

Clean burning 60,000 BTU/hr, 17Kw diesel/paraffin fueled infra-red heater for indoor (well ventilated) and outdoor applications

Combustion gases are catalysed so the heater requires no fuel or exhaust pipe.

Featuring integral fuel tank and safety cut-out-hand portablility.

Economical – Tank capacity is 12 Litres giving approx. 6.5 hours running time.

Compact, tough, and reliable.

Clean burning 60,000 BTU/hr

Tank capacity: 12 Litres

Approx. 6.5 hours running time.

Weight: 16kg.

Voltage: 230v

Dimensions: L 550 x W 310 x H 540

One years manufacturer’s warranty.