RTX 2500 PI – Texture Sprayer


Graco RTX 2500 Texture Sprayer



The RTX 2500 Texture Sprayer is an optimized texture system perfect for tradesmen and contractors seeking the time-saving features required for thicker materials and medium to large jobs. The RTX 2500PI delivers 2.5 gallons per minute and can handle up to 75 feet of hose to help get the job done faster.


Graco’s family of TexSpray RTX Texture Sprayers are ideal for contractors who specialise in anything from residential and remodel contracting to large-scale commercial contracting. Built with a broad feature set for both interior and exterior work, these sprayers perform


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  • Jobsite Proven RotoFlex II Pump
    • Get the Job Done Quickly
    • 2.5 gpm output
    • Innovative braided pump tube for longest life


  • SmartStart System

    • Trigger-Activated Power
    • Automatically start & stop the pump and compressor
    • Soft-start eliminates material blasts to ensure a quality finish
    • Reduces noise and vibration while extending pump and compressor life


  • High-Output 6.1 cfm Air Compressor
    • 33% more air for demanding finishes
    • Maintenance-free design
    • Projects materials farther


  • 230V AC High-Output Electric Motor
    • Improved Power and Performance
    • Optimized single-motor design operates air compressor and RotoFlex pump


  • Skip-Bond Material/Air Hose
    • Improved Handling & Flexibility
    • Both hoses are permanently bonded together for easy handling


  • FlexChange Pump Section
    • Eliminate Costly Downtime
    • Swap your RotoFlex pump in seconds – no tools required


  • Adjustable Material Flow Control
    • Maximum Control
    • Quickly adjust material flow up or down with easy-to-read gauge


  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Trigger Gun
    • Total Spray Control
    • Select prime mode at the gun with Integrated Prime Selector
    • Spray more material longer with durable aluminum design & oversized passages


  • WideTex Tips & Adapter
    • Increase Productivity by Over 20%
    • Spray uniform, repeatable patterns with less material and pressure adjustment


  • Onboard Storage

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Texture Sprayer RTX 2500