GTX 2000EX – Texture Sprayer


Graco GTX 2000EX – Texture Sprayer



The GTX 2000EX is a highly portable texture system for both smooth materials and those with fine aggregates, the GTX 2000EX is the ideal solution for drywall muds, deck coatings, and exterior aggregate acrylic and elastomeric finishes.


High-Performance Solutions for Heavy-Duty Jobs. Powered by your external air compressor, this air-powered texture solution gets the job done fast — whether coating a large interior surface or applying an exterior aggregate finish on a large commercial job.


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  • Husky 1040 Double Diaphragm Pump
    • Jobsite Proven Performance
    • Texture delivery rates to 4.0 gpm from durable, high-output 1-inch pump
    • Durable, User-Friendly Spraying


  • Air Spray Heavy-Duty Trigger Gun
    • Durable, User-Friendly Spraying
    • Pump heavy mud mixes and larger aggregate with oversized fluid passages
    • Quick nozzle changes with extra-coarse gun head threads


  • Largest 17-Gallon (64 Liter) Capacity Hopper
    • Longer Spray Time
    • Easy cleanup and removal with no-tools


  • Separate Pump/Gun Air Controls
    • Complete Control
    • Produce precise, consistent and repeatable texture finishes


  • Skip-Bond Material/Air Hose
    • Improved Handling & Flexibility
    • Both hoses are permanently bonded together for easy handling
    • Oversized grip with no-tools hose connection


  • On-Board Air Filtration
    • Moisture Build-Up Eliminated
    • Automatically filters air to keep your sprayer running at optimal performance


  • Texture Applications
    • Simulated Acoustic (Popcorn)
    • Orange Peel & Fine Splatter
    • Splatter
    • Knockdown
    • Textured Acrylics & Elastomerics
    • EIFS & Synthetic Stucco Finish Coats