RS Chop Gun


Graco RS Chop guns for FRP Systems


258852 – External Mix Chop Gun with tip

258970 – External Mix Chop gun with Cutter and tip

258854 – Internal Mix Chop Gun with tip

258971 – Internal Mix Chop gun with Cutter and tip


The Graco RS Chop Gun delivers a superior spray pattern, reducing VOC emissions, is light weight and has the ability for you to quickly change out “no-cut” blade cartridges increasing your uptime and keeping your production moving.


Easy-to-change blade cartridges keep production moving. High output cutter provides the output you need with fewer strands of roving. Less roving means less tangling, more uptime. External adjustable anvil tension – no disassembly, no tools required. Speed control lets you adjust glass output on the fly.


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Makes production easier

    • Simple, quick start up and shut down
    • Quick tool-less blade change
    • No need to adjust needle settings after maintenance


Improves product quality

    • Lightweight cutter gives better chopping control
    • Easy one-hand cutter speed control
    • Superior spray pattern


Improves operator comfort for increased job satisfaction

    • Lighter, ergonomic gun reduces fatigue
    • Lets you quickly adjust anvil tension to correct cut variations due to anvil and blade wear
    • No problems soaking the RS Gun in solvents overnight


Saves material costs

    • Air Assist Containment (AAC®) standard on all RS Guns
    • Lower pressure reduces overspray