Industrial Paint Spray Guns

Reactor E-10hp

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High-pressure Coating Equipment for Polyurea

The Graco Reactor E-10hp provides the high pressure power and performance you need to spray polyurea coatings. It’s lightweight and portable and runs on residential power so you don’t need to invest in a generator.

If you are looking to add Polyurea projects to your repertoire look no further than the Reactor E-10hp.


Typical Operations

  • Small to Medium Polyurea projects
  • Terraces, Pools, Balconies, Tanks, Truck Bedliners, Secondary Containment and Waterproofing
  • Touch-up jobs or hard to reach areas



  • “Boost heat” and insulated tanks give this unit 20-minute startup times.
  • Low level sensors to indicate when material levels are getting low.
  • Portable cart fits through standard doorways, has rugged wheels and can be plugged into standard residential power outlets.