Reactor E-10 HP Proportioner


Graco Reactor E-10 HP Proportioner Package


The Graco Reactor E-10 hp proportioner is an ideal entry-level system and is great for coating projects such as balconies, pools, waterproofing and bedliner applications. It’s a smart, affordable investment that will help your business grow.


Entry-level system for pure and hybrid polyurea coatings.


Next generation technology for polyurea coatings. To see the full range of Graco’s Foam spray offerings, visit their website. 


If you require any further information on this product, please contact your local sale representative.

  • Digital heat controls
    • Allows you to enter the exact temperatures you need
    • Uses the same circuit boards as a standard Reactor


  • Single knob motor operation
    • Intuitive, easy to use


  • Insulated tanks
    • Double-wall insulated to retain heat
    • Smooth interior lining for easy cleaning
    • Improved seal design on lid for better moisture control


  • Low level sensors
    • Indicates when material is low (1 gal / 3.8 L remaining)
    • No contact with materials – prevents buildup


  • Boost heat
    • Directs unused power from the motor circuit to additional heater rods
    • Additional heater power brings material to desired temperatures faster during recirculation mode


  • Robust hybrid heater
    • More power, faster material heating means more uptime


  • Motor
    • Offers 50% more power than the Reactor E-10
    • Provides improved spray performance with reduced pressure drop


  • Quick knockdown lower pumps
    • Easy disassembly and maintenance


  • Temperature gauges in Y-strainers
    • Provides accurate tank temperature readings


  • Portable
    • Fits through standard doorways
    • Plugs into standard 120V or 230V outlets
    • Rugged wheels for extreme jobsites
    • No need for generator

For all Technical Specifications please download the manual