Prona Pressure Pots


Affordable, Quality Pressure Pots for any Job

Prona Range:

2 Litre Pressure Pot – Constructed with aluminium alloy making it reliable, light weight and portable

Heavy Duty Pressure Pots – Available in 5L, 10L, 20L+

  • Pressure resistance steel with an anti rust treated surface.
  • Optional SST inner bucket
  • Foldaway wheels for easy manouvreability
  • Manual and Automatic options available
  • Bottom outlet options available
Model Volume Weight Operation
GP-2607 2L 1.62kg No Agitator
RT-5E 5L 7kg No Agitator
RT-10E 10L 17.4kg No Agitator
RT-20E 20L 23.7kg No Agitator
RT-40E 40L 33.6kg No Agitator
RT-5M 5L 7.5kg Manual Agitator
RT-10M 10L 17.5kg Manual Agitator
RT-20M 20L 23.8kg Manual Agitator
RT-40M 40L 31.9kg Manual Agitator
RT-5A 5L 7.7kg Automatic Agitator
RT-10A 10L 19.3kg Automatic Agitator
RT-20A 20L 25.5kg Automatic Agitator
RT-40L 40L 33.6kg Automatic Agitator