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any powder, any part, any place

The new OptiFlex®2 puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand. Spray all powders with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments – anywhere on the planet.

Control functions for the future

  • Unprecedented precision control of current and voltage ensuring maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating.
  • For challenging powders such as metallic or special effect, OptiFlex®2 offers Precision Charge Control (PCC) ensuring greater accuracy and adjustability of current settings below ten microamperes (10 μA).
  • The clear display makes it easy to find the optimal settings in every condition. The result? Perfect coating quality, reproducible time after time!

Innovative powder gun

  • Using powerful blasts of air (30 Nm3/h), OptiFlex®2 improves performance when spraying challenging powders and makes color changes easier.
  • The integrated 100 kV cascade delivers the highest transfer efficiency. This means more powder on the work piece, less powder in the recovery system!
  • On-gun remote control gives you the flexibility to adjust parameters without turning away from your work, and easily activate the Power- Clean mode

Sophisticated solutions for high productivity

  • The mobile cart coupled with the industry’s first 360° rotating control unit offers flexibility for adjustment in any work location.
  • New, ultra-efficient powder pump design employs the most effective angle to consistently deliver powder, resulting in optimized air consumption and less powder waste.
  • The optional SuperCorona® collects and neutralizes the free ions that would disturb the powder deposition on the object.