OptiFlex Pro B


Manual Box unit for frequent colour changes


Gema’s OptiFlex Pro B is the perfect manual powder coating unit for your business. If your production requires frequent and quick colour changes, then we would recommend the OptiFlex Pro.  Designed to use the manufacturer’s original powder box, it makes life easy.


The OptiFlex Pro manual units are uncompromisingly and agilely designed for maximum industrial suitability and worldwide use. The intelligent and durable components fit perfectly together and form the powerful package for superior manual powder coating. The ergonomic and intuitive operation enables every user to achieve the best coating results at any time.


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Power: Maximum Coating Performance


The newly developed PowerBoost technology of the Optiflex Pro series offers with the 110 kV the highest powder charging capacity in the powder coating industry while complying with safety regulations.

The operator benefits form an outstanding coating performance.

Quality: The best application results


With OptiFlex Pro you coat extremely efficiently and with consistently high quality. The PCC (precise charge control) mode regulates the spray current even in the lowest ampere ranges with the highest accuracy. This prevents overcharging of even the most demanding powders such as metallic powder and ensures the highest quality in thick film and multi-layer applications and recess areas.


Control: Master the application!


The new features of OptiFlex Pro also give you a technological edge. The Electrostatic App (E-app) with the integrated line management functions and service make the coating process transparent and better controllable.