Merkur Airless Sprayers X48 and X72


High Pressure  Airless Sprayers for Protective Coatings


The Merkur X48 and X72 single component airless sprayers offer the ultimate combination of power and portability. This will give you the ability to spray tough materials in the most challenging situations. Weighing just 99 pounds (45 kg), Merkur Sprayers can easily be positioned in tight areas, without sacrificing spray quality or power.

Designed for protective coatings. These sprayers are ideal for touch-ups or other smaller projects. Its light weight and portability make it a great mobile auxiliary system to finish up a job in tight areas. Ideal for coatings that don’t require the pressure and flow of a larger sprayer.


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High Pressure

  • With up to 7200 psi (500 bar, 50 MPa).
  • Sprays high solids coatings.
  • Supports longer hose runs.


Pressure Bleed Valve

  • Floating ball design.
  • Reduces clogging and leaking.


Merkur Pump Lower

  • Improved handling of high viscosity coatings.
  • Long-lasting Chromex™ coated rod.