LineLazer V ES 2000


Graco LineLazer V ES 2000 – Electric, Battery powered, walk-behind line striper


The LineLazer V ES 2000 provides fume-free, noise-free & vibration-free striping performance on any indoor job as well as the power and features to deliver the highest productivity needed to tackle large outdoor applications.
Standard Series: Dependable, one-or-two gun striping

The LineLazer V Standard Series is ideal for the higher production re-striping contractor completing and considering larger re-striping jobs with basic pattern applications requiring a single-color, single or dual gun striping solution.

HP Automatic Series: Fully automated striping solution

The HP Automatic Series adds enhanced features that provide contractors automatic line production capability, including skip-lines, as well as real-time job performance data for proof-of-job requirements.

Contact your local Strouds representative today for more information and pricing. Choose the right striper for you! Graco offer a full range of Line Striping products for your straightforward re-striping jobs, to more complex layout and pattern work applications. Visit their website to see the full range.


Standard Series:

Two Sealed AGM Batteries

    • Quiet, Reliable Power
    • Maintenance-free design
    • Up to 60 gallons of run time


On-board 120V Inverter/Charger

    • Simple, Plug-in Charging
    • 120V wall power for stationary applications


LiveLook Display with SmartControl

    • Striping Information At-A-Glance
    • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job
    • Accessible proof-of-job data from the J-Log System with USB Download
    • Consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines


J-Log System with USB Download

    • Valuable Job Information
    • Proof of job = More striping opportunities
    • USB download capability allows you to capture and save all job data


MaxPower DC Motor & Advantage Drive

    • Maintenance-Free Power
    • Field proven brushless design
    • The longest lasting drive
    • Improved jobsite conditions with extremely quiet operation


EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

    • Easy Gun Adjustments
    • Perfect gun alignment every time with easy-to-use guide mark system
    • 2-gun capability with QuikSelect gun selector


EZ Align Wheel System

    • Perfect Striper Tracking
    • Simple front wheel alignment, no special tools needed


DualComfort Handlebar System

    • Easy Handlebar Adjustment


Endurance Chromex Pump

    • Reliable, Long-Life Pump
    • Industry-best pump performance — field-proven design
    • Handle the most demanding materials with long-life rod treatment
    • 4X harder than ordinary chrome


HP Automatic Series:

All of the above plus;

Automatic Paint Gun System

  • Automatically Stripe Skip-Lines
  • Reduce operator fatigue — push button line production
  • Quality solenoid driven system


Auto Lay-Out II

  • Simplify Parking Lot Layout
  • SmartControl measures while you walk and puts down pre-marks
  • No need for measuring tape, string lines or aerosol cans
  • Cuts your layout time in half


Additional Features

  • DualComfort Handlebar System
  • Endurance Chromex Pump
  • LazerGuide 1700 Start/Stop Laser
  • QuikSelect Gun Selector
  • Easy Out Pump Filte