Graco G40 Spray Gun


Air Assisted Airless Manual Spray Gun


Designed to maximize efficiency and quality, G40 air-assist spray guns use the highest quality components for long lasting reliable performance. The AAF tip line is designed for soft spray and improved transfer efficiency.

Reduce overspray and increase productivity! The air cap pattern adjustment allows you to change the spray width according to the size of the parts.

Strouds have three service centres across New Zealand. All of our technicians are trained by Graco so you know your sprayer is in good hands.

Part number: 24C855, 24C856, 24C857

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Graaco G40 Feature and Benefits:


  • High quality air-assisted spraying in a variety of applications
  • All tips have a ring to retain the tip in the aircap
  • Designed to minimize wear of replacement parts
  • Improving transfer efficiency and material usage
  • Trigger pull force is ultra-light, reducing operator fatigue and muscle stress