FRP Chop System


Graco FRP (fibre-reinforced plastics) Chop System


16R114 – Internal, Mix 13:1 Chop system on Cart

16R126 – Internal, Mix 13:1 Chop system with Cart, Mount & Boom


Designed to keep material costs low. The FRP Chop system has been designed so that it doesn’t need a surge bottle and a low amount of solvent and resin is needed to prime the pump. It also features a dual trigger function, allowing operators to change from wet-out to chop without removing the chopper. By purely using Graco components, that are proven in multiple industries, you will have a solution that is technologically advanced, durable and long lasting.


Fiberglass chopper System for Open Molding Handle fiberglass and catalyzed resin with ease with Graco spray-up laminating components and systems. The FRP system can be used to apply chopped fiberglass on your open mold applications. It offers precise on-ratio dispensing with easy transition from wet-out to chop.


Available as 9:1 or 13:1 pump ratio with the option of adding a mount and boom.


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Optimized ratio stability

    • Adjustable ratio catalyst pump – no tools are required for a quick and easy ratio change.
    • Precision engineered linkage offers you superior ratio control and consistent cure


Lower cost of ownership

    • Easy maintenance – fewer repair parts
    • Long lasting seals mean less downtime
    • Pumps last longer between planned maintenances
    • No surge bottle necessary, less parts, solvent and resin needed to prime the pump


Optional DataTrak™ Control

    • Monitors resin usage – Helps ensure product quality by tracking resin usage per piece, shift or day
    • Tracks cycles for preventive maintenance schedule
    • Displays real time flow rate – eliminates material waste due to worn spray tips


Roving Management System

    • Better guides—less tangling, more uptime


Gravity Fed Catalyst System

    • Keeps the catalyst pump primed for consistent delivery


New Linkage and Catalyst Pump

    • Truly engineered linkage for superior ratio control
    • Allows for infinite adjustment of catalyst percentage — no tools required
    • Ensures proper catalyst percentage and optimum results
    • Variance of 1% or less


Balanced Graco NXT® Air Motor

    • Provides same output pressure on upstroke and downstroke, resulting in more consistent spray pattern
    • Shortened stroke on pump for better spray pattern


Control Panel

    • Easy user interface with all gauges in one location


Stable, Lightweight Cart

    • Easy to maneuver
    • Strong, durable casters

FRP chop system