Graco Contractor PC – Airless Spray Gun


The Contractor PC airless spray gun is the lightest, most comfortable spray gun ever built. Exclusive Graco innovations provide all-day comfort and control. Including fast on-the-job gun rebuild and the proven durability of a Graco Contractor spray gun.
The Contractor PC has a custom fit with on-the-fly trigger adjustments to provide the flexibility for greater control. This delivers an exceptional finish on every job, every time.
Compatible with LTX, LP, and FFLP Spray tips.


PART NUMBERS: 17Y044 (LTX tip), 17Y043 (FFLP tip)


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  • Benefits You’ll Appreciate on Every Job
    • Lightest weight gun in its class
    • Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force
    • E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length (Patent Pending)
    • Complete gun rebuild in seconds with ProConnect (Patent Pending)


  • Finish Jobs Faster with Less Fatigue
    • Delivers the most comfortable and lightest-weight spray experience ever
    • Lightest trigger pull force at all spray pressures
    • Lightest trigger hold force at all spray pressures


  • E-Z Fit Trigger Adjustment
    • Easily achieve your personal fit
    • Quickly customize trigger length to fit any hand size or situation
    • Choose 2, 4 or new 3-finger position
    • Easily extend your reach: simply drop the trigger down to paint hard-to-reach areas


  • Exclusive ProConnect Replacement Cartridge
    • 1-part, on-the-job gun rebuild
    • Needle and all wear parts in one simple part
    • Simply replace cartridge — it’s like getting a brand new gun


  • Easy one-finger, ambidextrous lock


  • Comfortable, contoured handle design


  • EasyGlide Swivel for effortless hose management

Contractor PC airless spray gun