airless hose

Contractor & FTx Guns

Exclusive FlexSeal Design

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Introducing the, innovative Contractor and FTx Guns from Graco. Designed to be the longest-lasting guns on the market and continue to be the #1 choice of painting contractors!

FlexSeal Design

  • Totally enclosed needle design (patent pending) eliminates exposure to fluid and extends needle life by 70%
  • Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut-off needle and reduce spitting
  • Spring located outside fluid path for less fluid restriction and better flow

Modular Needle Cartridge

  • Easiest gun to service on the market
  • Simply remove trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle

Ergonomic Contractor Gun Handle

  • Form-fit handle provides maximum control and comfort while spraying
  • Overall weight is lighter than other airless guns on the market, reducing operator fatigue
Contractor GunFTx Gun 288420288430 2-Finger4-Finger RAC X 517RAC X 515 RAC XRAC X