Air Assisted Sprayers

Binks MX Lite 432

Air Assisted Airless



The Binks MX LITE spray packages include the Binks Stainless Steel MXL high pressure pumps with Binks AA4400M Air Assisted Airless.

MX LITE outfits have been designed to provide users with a low cost, robust industrial spray outfit, able to apply a wide range of industrial coatings whilst providing the very best quality of spray finish.

Typical Applications: 

  • Joinery/Furniture & Woodworking 
  • Aerospace / Aviation 
  • Off Road Vehicles 
  • Metal Fabrication 
  • Truck/Trailer & Chassis Makers 
  • Plus many others…

Patented Air Valve Technology – Enables pump to change over quickly to significantly reduce pulsation

Long Lasting Ceramic Coated Piston Rods – Superior wear resistance lasting up to three times longer than hard chrome pistons

Designed To Pump Longer With Less Downtime & Extended Packing Life  – Self-adjusting spring loaded fixed packings last up to 3X longer than the competition. Large sight glass for visual packing inspection

Air Assisted Airless HVLP & A75 guns provide the latest atomisation technology

Stainless Steel system—pump and gun