Binks DX200

1:1 Ratio Diaphragm Pump


Binks DX200 is designed specifically for finishing applications requiring multi-spray gun usage, or while transferring or circulating up to 5 l/pm of high to low viscosity materials.

The Binks DX200 is a high flow rate, air operated 1:1 ratio, double diaphragm circulation or transfer pump specifically developed for the direct supply of paints and materials to spray guns.

The pump features a unique “no crease” diaphragm shape for a long and durable working life. Users can opt for the “built-in” fluid regulator which ensures a constant and virtually pulse free fluid delivery, enabling direct connection to spray guns without the expense and complications of an additional fluid regulator or surge chamber.

Strouds stock a range of DX200 packages including wall and cart mounts, with suction or gravity feeds. Contact us today for more information and pricing.


Rugged Construction & Universal Material Compatibility – Available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel to handle a wide variety of fluids

Non-Stall & Quiet Running – A non-stall air valve and integrated muffler provides smooth, quiet running

Extended Service Life & Zero Leakage – Bonded PTFE diaphragm is more flexible, removing mechanical seals or packings, which means an extended service life

Consistent Fluid Delivery – Unique “no-crease” diaphragm design and “built-in” fluid regulator ensures a consistent pressure output and significantly reduced pulsation

Pumps Shear-Sensitive Materials – Low internal velocities and gentle pumping action does not shear coatings

Fast & Easy Servicing – Pump body provides unobstructed access to air valve and diaphragms for fast and easy maintenance without the need to dismount the pump

DX 200 packages – Manual

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