B4 Finishing/Sanding Machine


Leif & Lorentz B4 Finishing/Sanding Machine


Leif & Lorentz’s B4 Finishing Machine is designed for sanding and de-nibbing. This is acheived with sanding brushes in one automatic run-through. This reliable and uncomplicated machine will save you time and money.


Available in four different widths to suit your requirements. B5 – 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm, 1400mm. An optional 1 or 2 edge sanders can be fitted to this machine.


Leif & Lorentz are well known within the woodworking industry for creative finishing solutions. They design reliable and economical lacquering lines not just for the wooden industry, but also for gypsum, plastic, metal, glass and more.


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Model B4 – For sanding and de-nibbing


  • Available in four different sizes.


  • An optional 1 or 2 edge sanders can be fitted if required


  • Disc diameter is 300mm. Comes delivered with sanding brushes.


  • Two dust outlets