B3 Automated Spray Machine


Leif & Lorentz B3 Automated Spray Machine


Leif & Lorentz’s B3 Automated Spray Machine is flexible, fast and finance saving. The most popular machine of the range for spraying most types of coating onto one surface and two edges.

Available in three diffrent widths to suit your requirements. B3 -550mm, 800mm, or 1300mm.

Leif & Lorentz are well known within the woodworking industry for creative finishing solutions. They design reliable and economical lacquering lines not just for the wooden industry, but also for gypsum, plastic, metal, glass and more.


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Model B3 – For spraying profile strips and surfaces with two edges


The automatic spray guns are controlled pneumatically via photocells and time relays.


As standard the machine is prepared for four guns but if required can be prepared for more.


Unused lacquer, paint, stains, oil or wax can be collected and re-used.


Extraction is air filtered.


Environmentally friendly spraying.