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Spray Guns & Applicators


Strouds are suppliers of industry leading brands. We have years of industry experience and knowledge and are happy to help you with all of your spraying needs.


We stock, service and supply a wide range of spray guns and applicators for all industries. Whether you need high pressure airless, air-assisted, air-spray, electrostatic, or automatic, we will have the right spray gun for you.


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Airless Spray Guns


Airless guns

Often used to apply protective coatings, airless directs fluid under high pressure through a controlled orifice.

Air Spray Guns


Convetnional Advance HD Spray gun

Ease-of-use and flexibility make air spray a popular method. It provides the finest finish with the lowest transfer efficiency.

Air-Assisted Airless


air assisted airless

Combining airless and air spray produces fine atomization – perfect for wood furniture topcoats or fabricated metal parts.

Electrostatic Spray Guns


Electrostatically charged material is attracted to grounded parts, forming an even coating and high transfer efficiency.

Automatic Spray guns

Automatic spray guns

Automatic paint spray guns deliver top performance and versatility for finishing metal, wood, plastics and more.

Spray Tips

spray tips

A vast range of spray tips for all spray guns.