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Concrete Pumps:

Our concrete pumps will make you more productive throughout your workday while preserving your quality standards. With large hoppers, our pumps are ideal for large batch jobs, allowing you to keep pumping longer. Don’t let production slow with smaller batch sizes, Graco’s rotor stator concrete pumps continuously mix and pump a variety of aggregates for your precast concrete production needs.



You’ll significantly improve your productivity with a Graco continuous mixer on the job compared to using a paddle or batch mixer to measure and mix your concrete products manually. Additionally, with our high-output cement mixers, your production lines can operate at full capacity while maintaining consistent mixes throughout your manufacturing runs.


Check out our range below. These reliable, high-quality products are available in a range of sizes and capabilities. You’ll find one that’s perfectly suited for your specific application. You can browse Graco’s entire range here.


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ToughTek CM20


ToughTek S340e