LineLazer 130hs/ LineLazer IV 200hs

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Line lazer200LineLazer 130hs,

LineLazer IV 200hs

The LineLazer 130hs and the LineLazer IV 200hs are hydraulic airless stripers for your most demanding jobs. Start out with the 130hs and move up to the 200hs as you and your business grow. Materials sprayed are most heavy, low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints. These stripers are ideal for your large, continuous line striping requirements.

SmartControl Digital Tracking (LineLazer IV 200hs only)

  • Provides consistent spraying pressure, reducing pulsation and line variations
  • Digital Tracking System keeps you informed on the job

Chromex Pump Rod

  • Long life rod treatment is a proven performer
  • Four times harder than ordinary chrome

High-Capacity Cooling System

  • Larger hydraulic fluid reservoir keeps the system running cool
  • Innovative cooling fins wrap down and under the reservoir for improved air flow


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LineLazer 130hs

LineLazer 130hs(2-Gun Unit Only) 287025 MAX TIP SIZE: 0.029
MAX GPM (LPM): 1.3 (4.9)
MAX PSI (BAR): 3300 (227)
HONDA GX ENGINE CC (HP): 120 (4.0)
WEIGHT LBS (KG): 240 (108)

LineLazer 200hs

LineLazer IV 200hs (1-Gun)
LineLazer 200hs(2-Guns)
MAX TIP SIZE: 0.047 1-Gun 0.034 2-Guns
MAX GPM (LPM): 2.15 (8.14)
MAX PSI (BAR): 3300 (227)
HONDA GX ENGINE CC (HP): 200 (6.5)
WEIGHT LBS (KG): 277 (125)