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grindlazertop GrindLazer 270: The GrindLazer 270 is the perfect scarifier for removing parking lot lines. Its EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes it as easy to use as a LineLazer and its rugged, innovative design means you can count on it to perform for a lifetime of use. grindlazertop GrindLazer 390: The GrindLazer 390 is the contractor choice for all-around scarifying jobs including parking lot lines, intersection markings, construction zones and sidewalk smoothing.


grindlazertop GrindLazer 480: The GrindLazer 480 is the high production choice when it comes to the most demanding scarifier jobs. With its “Up-Cut” cutting direction you not only are able to remove all types of lines found on parking lots or roadways but now have the power to do inlay/grooving jobs. Line driver LineDriver/LineDriver HD: Why walk when you can ride? Graco offers two high performance LineDriver attachments to connect to your LineLazer striper to double your striping productivity.


Line lazer200top LineLazer 130hs/LineLazer IV 200hs: The LineLazer 130hs and the LineLazer IV 200hs are hydraulic airless stripers for your most demanding jobs. Start out with the 130hs and move up to the 200hs as you and your business grow. line lazer gun 200top LineLazer IV 200hs Auto-Layout System: High performance along with the exclusive Auto-Layout System makes the LineLazer 200hs the preferred striper for professional contractors who demand hydraulic power. This striper is ideal for large, heavy-duty line striping jobs including parking lots and road layout jobs.


linelazer iv 250sps LineLazer IV 250sps Self-Propelled System: Introducing the next evolution in line striping…Graco’s LineLazer family introduces its all new, most innovative unit – the LineLazer IV 250sps. Graco now offers the industry’s first stand-on, self-propelled striping unit. LineLazer 3400 LineLazer 3400: The LineLazer 3400 is the preferred choice for contractors who are looking for professional performance in a 1-gun striper. This striper is ideal for parking lots and seal coating contractors, schools and park and recreation departments.


Line lazer 5900 LineLazer IV 3900/5900: Both the LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 are the clear leaders for 2-gun professional stripers and are designed to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in the industry. Materials sprayed are most heavy, low VOC, waterborne and solvent striping paints. Line lazer 5900 LineLazer IV 3900/5900 Auto-Layout System: Both the LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 feature the Auto-Layout System allowing you to do layout jobs without the “hassle and pain” of manual systems. These stripers are ideal for your continuous, heavy-duty line striping jobs and are excellent for medium to large parking lot layouts.