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Gema stress the importance of using genuine Gema parts. They aim to strengthen the awareness that the usage of copy and non-genuine Gema parts will have immense safety risks and will negatively affect the powder coating process and the coating results. Please click here to further your knowledge on this important topic.


Featured Powder Series


optiflex-gun-gross OptiFlex®2: The new OptiFlex®2 puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand. Spray all powders with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments – anywhere on the planet. Optiflex 2 B OptiFlex®2B: If your production requires frequent and quick color changes, then we would recommend the OptiFlex®2 B, which is designed to use the powder manufacturer’s original carton.


OptiFlex2C-300x300 OptiFlex®2C: If you need a solution for your laboratory tests or for small production runs, then the OptiFlex®2 C, which features self-fluidizing 150 ml and 500 ml application cups, would be the gun of choice. OptiFlex2f-300x300 OptiFlex®2F: If continuous use of the same powder over a long period of time is the bulk of your production schedule, then we would recommend the OptiFlex®2 F with the 50-litre fluidized powder container.



Optiflex 2 L OptiFlex®2L: If you need to process small batches of different parts, then your solution would be the OptiFlex®2 L. OptiFlex2stop-300x300 OptiFlex®2S: Do you need to process powders, which are difficult to fluidize? OptiFlex®2 S is your best choice!



OptiFlex2 WKit OptiFlex®2W: For upgrades, to be mounted on booth walls or at your production site: OptiFlex®2 W can be integrated in any existing sourroundings.