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Featured TexSpray Series


5900 TexSpray 5900 HD Convertible: The TexSpray 5900 HD Convertible is our most versatile airless/texture sprayer to date. This gas/electric sprayer gives the contractor indoor/outdoor flexibility to get the job done. 5900 TexSpray 5900 HD/7900 HD Premium: Welcome to a new world of versatile gas powered airless/texture sprayers with the TexSpray 5900 and 7900 HD Premium line from Graco.


2000ex TexSpray GTX 2000ex: The GTX 2000ex is the perfect pumping system for the professional texture contractor who has access to a high-output air compressor. Textspray 2030 TexSpray HTX™ 2030–Complete Plus+: The all new TexSpray HTX 2030 is Graco’s most powerful and versatile texture sprayer to date. Designed for today’s demanding exterior aggregate and smooth coatings, the HTX 2030 offers extreme durability and simple operation.


premium v TexSpray Mark V Premium: Introducing the latest advancement in electric airless/texture sprayers – the Mark IV and Mark V Premium line from Graco. 240 volt TexSpray Mark X 240 Volt™: The most powerful electric airless/texture sprayer – period! The TexSpray Mark X 240 Volt is our largest electric airless/texture unit to date.


650 TexSpray RTX 650: The RTX 650 is the perfect pumping system for tradesmen and contractors who are ready to graduate from a hopper gun to a faster, more-productive, less-fatiguing spray rig. 900 TexSpray RTX 900: The RTX 900 is the perfect choice for the small contractor who’s looking to spray highquality texture finishes with a simple-to-use, self-contained machine.



1250 TexSpray RTX 1250: The RTX 1250 isthe full-featured choice of remodeling and general contractors who want to include texture finishing as part of their service offering. rxt 1500 TexSpray RTX 1500: The RTX 1500 is packed with innovative features and performance points – designed for the professional texture contractor.